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Difundimos aquí la entrevista realizada a Mirta Moragas, integrante de Las Ramonas, publicada en el boletín “Young people at the 46th Commission for Social Development”.


Young people at the 46th Commission for Social Development –
Newsletter #Issue 1 February 13  

Youth all over: Action towards the MDGs

Mirta Moragas, 24 (Paraguay) and her youth organization “Las Ramonas” are working towards MDG number 3 “Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women”: ”We are a feminist organization of young women named “Las Ramonas”. We want to participate in the feminist debate, to make it more creative, to break conservative practices and create “another world”, with justice and equality between men and women. We want to diversify the ways of conception of the feminism and to see that equality in relations between man and women can be created in different ways in the society.”

What are your experiences with this work?

We work in networks and campaign, as the legalization of abortion in Latin America and the Caribbean, a campaign against gender violence and violence against women. At regional level we are participating at a program of UNIFEM on leadership of young women in the region and are working in networks, which create spaces of reflection and formation on the young feminism and its way to face a project of social transformation. At local level we are engaged in a network against all kinds of discrimination, which prompts a government bill that guarantees mechanisms for effective eradication through public politics.

What is your motivation?

We believe in building a fair and just world; it is indispensable to eliminate the asymmetries in the relations between man and women. We cannot conceive a different society while half of its population – the women – are discriminated and receive a differentiated negative treatment, only because they are woman.

“The Ramonas” are working at national level, but also we want to share experiences with other youth organizations that are interested in changing the forms of relations among people. We invite them to visit our site www.lasramonas.wordpress.com and to contact us at lasramonas@gmail.com


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Ramonas en la prensa escrita

FotitoABCEl pasado 13 de septiembre el suplemento semanal Nosotras del diario ABC Color publicó una nota sobre Las Ramonas y sus integrantes, con el título “Feminismo a la vanguardia”.

Fueron entrevistadas Mirta Moragas, Macky Martínez y Sofía Maluff (ver foto), quienes hablaron de temas como derechos sexuales y reproductivos, el movimiento feminista y los desafíos de las jóvenes frente a una sociedad machista.

Podés leer la nota completa en el enlace de ABC Digital, o ver la imagen aquí.

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